10 unique features in AmberScope to help you find better patents faster


AmberScope is our innovative patent searching tool that not only displays an interactive network of patents connected by forward or backward citations to your seed patent, but also provides a series of useful features to help you find the key patents you are looking for. 

So what are these features? 


The first four features concern the basics of using AmberScope. A network is shown, along with information to help understand the network. Mousing over a patent opens up some key details.

If you are interested in trying this yourself, just type in www.ambercope.com or even www.amberscope.com/?n=US7631968 into your favourite browswer. The latter link will open an AmberScope network with US7631968 as the seed patent. Or even just click on the image below. More information about AmberScore is found here.



The next four features help you filter out or highlight patents of interest. My personal favourite is the similarity filter – this can be remarkable at finding similar patent to your seed patent.



The next two features help you move around the patent network with ease. The Next button, by the way, is found in the bottom left corner of the screen. It systematically opens up new patents in order of AmberScore (our measure of network importance)




Then there are the ghost patents, which are indirectly connected patents which we think may still be relevant to a patent of interest as in the example below. Check out this blog for an example of ghost patents in action. 



I said 10 features right ? We can’t claim to have invented keyword highlighting (feature 8), so only 10 of these 11 features are unique.

 In addtion, we have three features to help manage files. But we have used existing concepts for these feature to make them as easy to use as possible (including sorting by table headings) . 



The Save Link Details, by the wway, is the little hard disc symbol in the top left hand of the screen, highlighed in orange below. You can both save and share files with this function. And when you do share this link with other people, you are sharing your ratings and comments as well – making it potentially very useful when collaborating with others.



How can I learn more?

The best means of learning about these features to use them yourself. Have a play and see for yourself. 

There is also a help button:



Or the ‘one-minute tour‘  which is an option when you first open up AmberScope, selecting by choosing the button to the bottom right of this opening screen shown below:



Or which comes up every time you press the Ambercite logo on the top right corner of the screen:


There is also a list of case studies.

If you are still not finding what you are looking for, please contact us. Alternatively we would be happy to set up a personalised web meeting if this helps, in particular for a group of users or a company.


What can I use AmberScope for? (benefits of AmberScope)

As discussed in our case studies, AmberScope can be very powerful in finding 

  • Prior art
  • Companies that own patent who may be licencing candidates
  • Similar patents in an area of technology

To a patent you are interested in or which is very similar to what you are looking for.

Because it is not limited by specific keywords or patent classification codes, it can also find relevant patents missed by conventional searching. For this reason, AmberScope has picked up some enthusiastic testimonials, including:

I recently used AmberScope for a novelty search and got a knock-out hit in less than half an hour. Even though, we generally use other platforms for searches I have to admit once you use Amberscope, you can’t go back to anything else. Keep up the good work!” –  Australian patent attorney, unrelated in any way to Ambercite.


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