Got a minute? Learn about AmberScope in the ‘One minute tour’


AmberScope is an entirely new way of exploring the world of patent based on an interactive network of patents that are similar to a ‘seed’ patent. This seed patent could be a patent similar to a technology you are looking for, or a patent you are trying to invalidate, or a patent you are trying to license. 

A recent blog discussed 10 of the unique features of AmberScope. 

In addition, AmberScope comes with a one minute tour. Yes, in as a little as one minutes users can get an introduction to some key features. Curious?

To open the one minute tour, you need to be the introduction screen. This automatically pops up for new users – and in the example below I have highlighted the “One Minute Tour” button.



If you are already using AmberScope, you can request the introduction screen with the Ambercite log on the top right hand of the program:


This opens a series of 7 slides, with the first slide shown below


The second slide introduces the help popups, with an example shown below. As you hover your mouse over any of the “i’ symbols shown, further information pops up.


There are seven slides in total, and these provide further information on some of the key features of AmberScope. 

And if you need further information after this, we have a full set of help pages found by selecting the Help button, also found near the top right hand side of the screen


So what you are waiting for? Jump onto AmberScope, open up the Introduction screen, and check out the one minute tour for yourself.


Want to know more?

More information about AmberScope is found here. Case studies are found here, or check out our user testimonials. Or contact us if you would like more about AmberScope or Ambercite – we are always happy to talk further.

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