How to set up and manage your account in AmberScope


This blog will cover:


1) Why you need to subscribe to get the full benefit from AmberScope

AmberScope provides some results without subscribing, but we ask people to subscribe in order to see 100% of patents. 

For example, if I was not logged in and did a patent search on say US6705638, I would still see its patent network



But if I tried to click on some of the patent ‘dots’, these details would be hidden from me



This will happen with about 50% of the patents in the network.

We do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Obviously, we like to be paid for all of the work we have put into AmberScope
  • We also want to provide an advantage to our subscribers, in that they are able to be more effective patent searchers and analysts than those that don’t.


2) What exactly is an AmberScope ‘search’?

You will note from the list of plans that each plan includes a prescribed number of searches. For example, our monthly plan allows for 100 search in a month



So what exactly is a search in AmberScope? At the beginning of this blog, we discussed the concept of looking up the network for US6705638. This in AmberScope is regarded as search, with US6705638 being the ‘seed patent’ for this search.

If you were to enter a second patent number, or to refocus the patent network, this would comprise a second search, as shown below



AmberScope tracks how many of these searches you have done, and does not allow to exceed the searches provided by your subscribed plan.

So how have we chosen these numbers of searches?

  • We think that 10 seed patents is enough for a individual patent search, say for a single project or invention being looked. This is why our Short searches provide only 10 searches
  • For a litigious matter, more searches may be required, and this is the basis of our Matter plan. 100 searches should be more than you ever require for an individual matter
  • Similarly, from long experience using AmberScope, 100 searches (or seed patents) is far more than any individual user is likely to use in a month. This is the basis of our Regular Monthly plan. Our Regular Annual plan allows you 1200 searches ovre 12 months, and you can use them all in one or two months if you want.
  • Corporate users may want more than this, and we offer our Grande plan which provides for 500 searches in a month, or 6000 searches in a year.

In addition, Top Ups (extra searches) are available for those on our Regular or Grande plan.


3) How to subscribe to AmberScope

You can subscribe via a variety of means on AmberScope, including, the Login/Register page



This will open up a log-in box, and provide you with the option to register a new account



If you select this, you will be taken to a new page with a variety of plans (clicking on this image will take you to the same page).



The Regular Annual plan gives you access for a year,  popular, so if you subscribe to this, you will see a screen such as this:




In the next stage, an invoice would be created and you would be provided with two options for payment, namely credit card or Paypal. You would then pay this invoice by clicking the orange ‘Pay’ button shown below and entering your appropriate details



Once you have done this, you should be sent an email confirming your subscription and payment. Now that you have paid, you should be free to log into AmberScope using your registered email address.




4) Managing your account

Once you are logged in, it is easy to manage your account. If you select your account details which are shown in the upper left hand corner



You should see a ‘Visit my account’ page



From which you will be shown your account details



In this case, I have 1200 credits (searches) to be used as I like over the next 12 months.


You can also select your account details directly from Ambercite, as shown to the right hand side of the screenhot portion shown below.



5) Further information on using AmberScope

This is found at our “Getting Started” pages found here.

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