Cluster Searching now available for free trial to interested parties

Ambercite is very proud to announce that our automated patent searching product Cluster Searching is now available for commercial access and trials. Cluster Searching is accessed via a very simple online interface, as shown below



Cluster Searching brings a combination of features unavailable elsewhere:

  • Ability to base a search on between 1 and 100 seed patents. These can be individually weighted if some are more important than others.
  • Up to 2000 potentially similar patents are shown, ranked in order of similarity. These can be date filtered.
  • Both directly connected (by citation linkage) and indirectly connected (‘ghost’) patents are shown
  • Very easy to use – results are shown in seconds
  • Finds patents missed in conventional patent searching – at it avoids the potentially risky assumptions in keyword and class code searching, instead drawing on the ‘collective wisdom‘ of examiners and patents applicants in the area of technology.
  • Results can be copied and pasted, filtered, ranked and exported to Excel for import into other applications.
  • Licensing Potential values are listed for all ‘licensing searches’ (for patents filed after a nominated date), and can be used to rank the patents you find,
  • Very cost effective compared to other search processes

Cluster Searching is highly complementary to your existing searching processes, as what you have found in these processes can be used to initiate Cluster Searches. Extensive commercial testing has seen Cluster Searching applied for searching for the following reasons:

  • Invalidity
  • Patent examination
  • Licensee searching and commercialisation
  • Patentability
  • Patent landscaping
  • Freedom to operate

For those familar with our interactive visual searching tool AmberScope, Cluster Searching can be regarded as an automated form of AmberScope, but with a simpler interface and the ability to use multiple seed patents.

Cluster Searching is available for a free trial to qualifed applicants – please contact us if you would like to request a demonstration followed by a free trial. Further details of Cluster Seaching are found here.



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