Australia’s top ten patents and their role in innovation

Australia has a long history of innovation, dating back over 50,000 years ago to when the original aborginal inhabitants first learned to use bushfire as a form of farming. Since then Australian innovators have added much to the world, including refrigeration, the torpedo, military tank, electronic pace maker, ultrasound and the black box (even if the ‘black box’ is orange in the figure below).   


In recent years Australia’s committment to innovation has been mixed. However now that our latest mining boom is coming to an end, innovation in other areas besides mining is becoming an increasing part of the national debate.

Australian startup Ambercite is built on innovation, both by developing innovative and world leading software tools that can help mine the global patent database, and also by enabling other companies to innovate via the application of its tools.  Most recently Ambercite has developed Cluster Searching, which can turn anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of patents into an instant world-class patent searcher – by doing the hard work for them. Not suprisingly, Cluster Searching is attracting global interest from some of the world’s leading patent seachers.

Another innovation developed by Ambercite is its patent quality metric AmberScore. This is a simple figure based on patent data which can predict the commercial importance of an invention.

Being from Australia, Ambercite was naturally interested in who the best Australian innovators were. AmberScore allowed us to answer this question by identifying the leading Australian patents. 

For this reason  AmberScope is proud to launch its report “Turning mousetraps into millions: Australia’s top ten patents and their role in Australian innovation”

In this report, we identify and rank the top 10 patents to come out of Australia, and discuss the organisations behind them.

Who will be on this list? CSIRO? Cochlear? Maybe little known entrapreneuers who have created world class products?

And for what products? WiFi? Polymer banknotes? Or maybe innovations that are all around us but we did not realise the role that Australian innovators had on their development?



We invite you to download the report by clicking on the image below, and then explore the world of Australia’s leading patents for yourself. And if you have any questions about the report or how we put it together, we would very happy to talk to you about these.



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