NFC Patents for Smartphone Mobile Payments – Licensing Potential Assessment

Who has the best portfolio of patents for smartphone patents Near Field Communication – and who might they license to?

These are questions asked by patent analyst Dr Alex Lee of TechIPM, of Boston. Dr Lee has combined his detailed knowledge of this area along with the Licensing Potential analysis developed by Ambercite to write the blog titled NFC Patents for Smartphone Mobile Payments Licensing Potential Assessment


Licensing Potential is a metric developed by Ambercite that: 

  1. Identifies all of the recently filed patents in an areas that are citationallly connected (directly or indirectly) to a given patent portfolio
  2. Identifies how similar these patents are to the patent portfolio
  3. Ranks how important these patents may be using citaiton analysis – more important patents are more likely be commercialised
  4. Combines the results of steps 2) and 3) to come up with a metric Licensing Potential
  5. Combines of the Licensing Potential for patents owned by the same owner

The graph you see above is the result of this analysis. In practice this analysis is straight forward to do – and Ambercite would be very open to discussions with other patent analysts about supplying the same capability – please contact us for further details 

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