Patents Searchers – improve your confidence in every patent search with Cluster Searching

Patent Searching can be a deceptively difficult, and yet vitally important exercise. There are over 70 million patents out there, and while there are very powerful keyword and classification codes that you use, the results are only as good as: 

  • The keywords and classification codes that you search by
  • The keywords and classification codes used by the people who filed or examined the patents you are looking for. No matter how good your choices are, you are also reliant on these other people.

Millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars may depend on the outcome of patent searching –  due to the risk of unwanted litigation or wasted R&D and commercialisaton costs. Clearly as patent searchers  we need to do the best possible search in the time that we have available. The same applies to patent examiners – the right search results can have large economic consequences on both the patent applicants and their competitors.

Given these consequences, wouldn’t it be great if you have a second opinion for the searches that you run? Ideally this second opinion could take seconds to run and minutes to review. And because we are all human (both us and searchers, and the people that prepared and examined the prior art) this second opinion would combine as many different viewpoints as possible – because hopefully one of the other applicants or examiners would have recognised the similarity between different patents with different selection of keywords or class codes.

This is the promise of Cluster Searching. Cluster Searching is based on patent citations, and each patent citation is an expert opinion that two patents are similar. Almost 150 million patent citations means almost 150 million expert opinions. All of these expert opinions are very valuable, and we can soon see that billions of hours of intelligent human efforts have gone into building up the patent citation network.

Cluster Searching uses advanced analytics to cut through these vast wealth of human opinions to help you find the most similar and important patents in the area of technology you are working in.

There have been over 6,000 Cluster Searches to date, and the feedback has been very positive. And we have just released an improved version which is aimed at users like yourself who are interested in getting a rapid second opinion on a search they have run.

This is as simple as entering or copying and pasting the closest known patents into one patent entry box – and copying and pasting all of the patents you have already looked at into a second “Hide” box. These two screens patent entry boxes are shown below:


The results that we show you will be ranked in order of likely similarity to your starting patents, and will be all new to you. Because they are ranked, you should be able to review these in minutes.

Check out the case study found here.

We can’t always guarantee that we will find you better patents than what you currently have, but we can offer  you a sense of security that you have double checked your original results – that you have done all that you be expected to do. 

The results we show you may also include new keywords and classification codes that may help you with your conventional searching, 

You can have greater confidence in what you are delivering – and all for a few minutes of your valuable time. 

We think that Cluster Searching is now so fast to use and review that there is no reason why you should not use it for every patent search you do, alongside your existing methods and tools – we could it call it ‘the icing on the cake”. .And even for rechecking older searches that you have done, and where there is still ongoing interest in the results.


 Want to try Cluster Searching for yourself?

Cluster Searching is a very fast and easy to use web application. Free demonstrations and confidential trials are available to qualified applicants – please contact us to arrange a short demonstration and trial. You may be surprised (and impressed) by just how much time and money you may save.

After the trial has finished, Cluster Searching is available to companies, organisations and individuals at a very competitive annual subscription – we are happy to discuss this in person.


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