Free patent invalidation searches for patent litigators

Are you a patent litigator trying to invalidate a patent or group of patents?

As reported in previous blogs, our patent search tool Cluster Searching has now been developed to the point where, working from just a knowledge of:

  • The patent or patents(s) you are trying to invalidate
  • Other patents you already know about

We can prepare you a list of potential and all-new prior art in the same field – and in a matter of seconds. We prepare this list by applying sophisticated algorithms to the almost 150 million patents in our database, in order to find you the most similar and important patents in the same field.

A case study of a highly litigated patent is found here. Yes, this has been used for a number of real world patent litigations, but of course we cannot tell you any more than that.

We are pretty confident that this works well, and once you have seen one set of search results, you will want more. Ambercite does not actually sell search reports per se, but instead we offer access to our very easy to use and learn internet based search engine “Cluster Searching”.

But with this offer, you can test out our search engine without having to learn how to use it first.

If you like the results, we can sell you one of our very cost-competive subscriptions and teach you, your colleagues or paralegals how to use Cluster Searching. You or they will be up and running in minutes and be able to run searches whenever you want.

For this reason, we  are offering free patent invalidity search reports for litigators so that they can test this for themselves.



How to request a free patent invalidation search

To take up of this offer, please email us at along with:

1) Publication numbers of the patents you wish to invalidate (they should be covering a single technology)

2) Publication numbers of prior art patents you already know about. If you believe that some of these prior art patents are better than the rest, please let us know which ones.

3) The latest filing dates for the patents to be shown in the report. This can be any date you choose.

In return, we will send you a sample report similar to the report found here. Results will be ranked by predicted similarity to the patents being invalidated. We will only list patents you have not told us about in step 2.

We guarantee to keep the search and the results confidential, and will happily sign a reasonable confidentiality agreement covering the search if you send us one.

So what have you got to lose? Contact us today to request a free sample search for the patent or patents you are trying to invalidate.



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