14,700 Cluster Searches and counting…

Does Cluster Searching work? Our testimonials page would strongly suggest that it is, but further evidence is sheer number of patent searches done on Ambercite since it was launched in May 2015. This is now almost 15,000 searches, from countries all around the world including in Europe, Asia, India, North America, South Africa and Australasia. 

Any why not? Providing you have a reasonable starting patent, you can quickly find many more very similar patents, and without the risks of having to make assumptions about keywords or class codes 

But the best is yet to come. V2 of Cluster Searching is nearing completion, and this will be a big step forward – and without losing the easy usability of Cluster Searching. So existing users of Cluster Searching will find the transition very easy.

Interested to learn more? We suspect that you will be very pleased by V2…


I recently used AmberScope for a novelty search and got a knock-out hit in less than half an hour. Even though, we generally use other platforms for searches I have to admit once you use Amberscope, you can’t go back to anything else. Keep up the good work!” –  A.M, Australian patent attorney


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