Get the ‘Amberview’ to be sure of your patent search! New videos show you how

How can you be sure that you have found all of the relevant patents in your patent search?

With conventional keyword, class code or semantic searching, there is always a risk that relevant and important patents can be missed that may used different keywords or class codes to what you were expecting.

However with the unique ‘Amberview’ provided by the Ambercite tools of Cluster Searching and Amberscope, you can rapidly obtain a second opinion that can find relevant patents missed by other tools.

To help users understand just how simple this process can be, Ambercite has produced a series of simple ‘how-to’ videos, including videos covering

  • What is Cluster Searching?
  • How do a do a Patentability search using Cluster Searching
  • How to quickly expand a patent examination search
  • An invalidation search for America’s most litigated patens – finding ‘unknown’ prior art
  • How to find new prior art for a recently granted EP patent
  • Introduction to AmberScope

These video are all found on the page found here.

Come and discover why we believe that Discover why Ambercite should be in every patent searcher’s toolkit.




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